Beat the beet

Healthy can also mean tasty. Red beets are repulsive to most people. Is it the colour or its weird sweetness?

Colour is just something we have to train ourselves to accept by saying – coloured vegetables are filled with nutrition, infact the red pigment is high in anti oxidants.

The weird sweetness can be put to use if we make a dessert with it. Else it can be neutralised with sufficient spice and acidity.

I love a few dishes made of red beets, all savoury. First on my list is the beetroot paratha.

List of ingredients:

Two medium sized beets-  washed peeled and grated

Two medium sized potatoes – washed cooked, peeled and mashed

A hand full of mint leaves cleaned and chopped fine. (Alternatively, coriander leaves)

Two green chillies finely chopped

One inch ginger, washed peeled and finely chopped.

Two pieces of mango ginger (can be replaced with a tsp on amchur or one grated gooseberry or a tablespoon of grated raw mango)

Wheat flour two cups approx

Pinch lf caraway seeds


Put it all together along with salt and a tablespoon of sesame oil and kneed until soft. Donot add water because red beets will keep leeching water. Divide and roll into parathas.

In hot skillet cook both sides with oil amd ghee. Serve with hot patla daal.


My food journey

Something my dad said to me once will remain etched in my memory. “From the moment you pluck a vegetable from the plant till its cooked, you should be visualising the smile on your child’s face as he puts the first spoonful of it in his mouth.”

Sadguru says, our physical body is an outcome of the food we eat.

These are two things that made me realise that food prepared at home is way more than a mere chore. When love for our family is combined with respect and thankfulness to mother earth for blessing our homes with such goodness-filled produce, the purpose is acheived. What comes on the plate is automatically filled with positive energies. It is all about filling hearts before tummies!

My parents brought me up to be a gastronomic vegetarian. They were both excellent at not just cooking regular fare but also at trying out new recipes as they kept traveling all over India.

In the kitchen they are an ideal couple. Sometimes I secretly wish I shared such a bond with someone – anyone!

The two key things that they inculcated in me were to be clean and use ingredients to the optimum.

Over the last ten years I have additionally   learnt also how to cook easily and practically and how to make a variety available for a whole days meals in shortest period of time.

A very close friend of mine insisted on me  creating this blog because he and I share a bond over food, its a bond I cherish. I stay in India and he is abroad. So I am waiting ardently for they day the two of us can hit the kitchen and churn out a feast for our close friends and family!

In a conversation I said to him – “Cooking for me is a process of thanking the universe for such ingredients andputting something   on the plate that makes the human body grow and develop.. Its magical… .” Till date he mentions this like its some quote. (Lol)

I herewith, plan to jot down all my easy to make recipes with some photos so that people who share with same bond as he and I can maybe benefit from it.

Looking forward to fill these pages…