Pesto from herbs in the backyard

Fresh waxy leaves of the Thai basil pot and the green carpet of mint leaves on the terrace garden beckoned me into the kitchen.

I soon found myself collecting both leaves from the pots into a collander. Kids are going to love today’s dinner!

Vegetables in pasta are mandatory in my kitchen. I sauted two large onions and added some bush beans, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower and corn. Once this was cooked to a crunch, I added some raw cucmber and tomatoes, some salt to taste and let it rest.

I collected the main ingredients for the paste – some garlic, cashew, raisins, red chillies, black pepper corns, cinnamon powder and the herbs – mint, coriander and lots of basil.

I quickly dry toasted 100grams of cashew and ground it into a smooth paste with four cloves of garlic, half a spoon of salt, half a spoon of cinnamon powder, two red chillies, half a spoonful of black pepper corns and a spoonful of raisins. Then I added the herbs to the blender along with aome olive oil. Voila!

Penne, once cooked, I added it to this mixture and topped it with some lemon juice and adjusted the salt and pepper as per taste. Dinner was then served!


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