Chatpata ellu (sesame) chutney

Chutneys are my most favourite experiments in the kitchen. The fact that the formula for a chutney is very simple makes it exciting. Chutneys can be churned out of practically anything as long as they have the following:

Spice /  Flavour / Tang / Coconut

These things can be interchanged too. To this depending on combination any protein or vegetable, roasted, can be added.

I have tried the traditional recipes and some exotic exceptions that usually people dont make too. 

Shallots / garlic / mint/ coriander / curry leaves add a special feature to chutneys.

Shallots are almost magical. They go well raw or fried in coconut oil.

Today I tried a special additive – sesame seeds (black)

Dry roast handful of –

chickpeas(chana dal)

Same amount of black sesame seeds

One red chilly

 a small blob of hing.

Add all this to a food processor with a small ball of tamarind, 4 to five shallots and a quarter of a coconut, cut into small pieces and a hand ful of coriander leaves.

Blend smoothly with some water. 

Season with some mustard seeds and curry leaves. Have it with crispy black adais!



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