When dosai maavu goes wrong!


As I am an organic freak, I sometimes, like some of my friends would say it, find incredibly stupid ways to make the simplest thing look like rocket science.

I tried a batter with red rice and millets trying to be an ‘all-health-conscious’ mother instead of being the practical working mother with fifteen other things on her mind(she is smart!!) using the safest bet – kichli samba boiled rice (White).

Why the Dosai maavu fermenting is not the complication that i am talking about. This is far worse. It is one of those battles I fought – when the love between my stubborn iron skillet and the over fermented doe-eyed batter was so intense that even in medium heat the ladle that I connivingly insert between them to seperate them didnt slide it. It left brown stains on the stainless steel polished face of the dosai karandi. Yes. It then met with the sticky end!

I was hungry and tired that day and I felt my patience rapidly thinning and after a few more minutes hands working at the dosai like norman bates worked his chain saw!

Next day the spark hit me. My mum always said if there is a problem with any batter, use the magic solution – fried gram powder.

I filled my foodprocessor’s small jar with fried gram of more than 200 gms and made a fine powder of it. 

I mixed the batter with it and viola! I trued my first dosai, it was thing and crisp and it let go of the skillet very smoothly!

In mirth, I spread some tomato chutney on it and smeared some ghee. Made a few more and all of us gobbled them down!


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