Puff pastery @ Satyam Cinemas

Some foods make me salivate, some foods make me want to cook them, some food make me loose my mind!🙈🙈

There is one that makes me a 6- year-old each  time. And that is the puff pastery at Satyam cinemas, Chennai. So fresh is the butter between the sheets and so crisp are the sheets!

I always end up buying it during a movie, whether or not I am hungry. The worst part, though, is that I wish I ate it with a proper plate where there is enough light for once! That would really make the 6-year-old in me supper satisfied! Why – is the interesting bit.

That lucious puff pastery would have my undivided attention as my I would run my fingers along those warm, crispy-sharp bits, the irresistible whiff of burnt butter and the masala inside it would stir up my digestive juices. As the golden edge would snap, crisp bits would break with a crackle and drizzle down all over the plate leaving my hand buttery with bits of pastery all over it. 

That first bite is the my best memory of childhood- eating the same thing way back in Mysore Iyengar bakery.

I would start on top and peel layers of it and eat them slowly, progressing from crispy golden brown top to soft white sheets and then to the stuffing which would be a tad spicy to break through all the soft-salty pastery. And then a few layers of sheets again to reach the best part – the bottom. Charred and crisp, it would be far better than the top. What a way to end! delightful! 

Yesterday, while watching ‘suicide squad’ in the movie hall, I ate it just the same way, messy like my 6-year-old self would have enjoyed it! I just assumed I wasn’t judged by the stranger sitting next to me! 😂


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