Vegan Quinoa recipes

Quinoa is one of those grains that I was drawn to- blame masterchef australia for it!

When mentioned this to my NRI nanban he said he would get it for me.

Ever since it came, I have been experimenting and it seems that one can never go wrong with it!

I tried an olive salad first.

I cooked quinoa with green peas and salt,  and added lots of raw veggies to it.

Diced olives,






Then i just squeezes some lime and added some pepper powder and oregano seasoning on top!

Then I tried a subtler coconutty sweet taste.

I cooked quinoa with water infused with coconut oil and salt, and added the following to it

Diced cucumber – fine,

Seasoned it with mustard seeds,

desicated coconut,

grated gooseberry

Coriander leaves chopped

Groundnuts roasted in coconut oil

Pepper powder

and half a lemon.

Both were really awesome!


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