Drumstick masala/ poriyal

Understanding drumstick

Have you ever eaten drumstick raw? – I asked myself.

Every vegetable has a unique taste to it when eaten raw. And that is what determines it’s behavior when it comes in contact with heat of any sort- fire, steam, hot oil etc.

I take pride in the fact that I love to experiement and a lot of times they are disastrous, but these experiments are entertaining conversation starters! I have tasted a lot of veggies raw – cauliflower, okra, ashgourd, different beans, green peas… however, there are many more to go.

Today happened to be the ‘drumstick day’.

The seed tastes sweet at first and in a few seconds sends down a firey cannonball down your spine and then bounces back and causes an explosion in your head, with a strange bitterness- it is explosion resembles wasabi.

I knew only three ways of cooking drumstick- sambar, vathalkuzhambu, and poricha kootu. I discovered during my stint in Andhra that it can be used to make rasam too. I tried it and I must say that it lends itself very subtly to the gentle flavours of a soup like rasam.

The weirdest recipe that I heard of was – drumstick poriyal!

Since the recipe looked tedious I kept this on the back burner for a day when my kids and hubby weren’t going to be at home. Today was the day! Try this recipe!! 

Seven drumsticks washed and cut into 6 inch sticks.

Coconut oil for seasoning

Mustard seeds 1 tsp

Red chillies 3

Grated coconut 1 tablespoon

A dash of lime juice.


Steam the drumsticks and remove pulp with seeds and keep aside.

In a wok, add some oil. Throw in the mustard seeds and chillies plucked. Switch off the stove and stir in the grated coconut. Add the drumstick pulp and add salt and lime juice and stir.

Its done!



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