Black vadais

If I were to explain ‘karuppu ulundu vadais’ in english it would be… Hmm..Black Lentil fritters?

Does that sound enticing enough 😜

I soaked two cups of black urad with skin over night along with a handful of chana dal and a handful of rajma ( I wanted to finish it by hook or crook!)

Next morning I woke up dreaming of vadais. So I got started.

I used the grinder to grind the dals along with an inch of ginger and three red chillies, by adding water lil-by-lil!

45 mins later I added some salt and switched it off.

Since the vadais were super soft I thought I will have a record of teh recipe here.


Two cups of black urad with skin
One table spoonful of rajma
One tablespoonfull of chana dal
Three red chillies
One inch round ginger
A pinch of asafoetida
Salt to taste
Two large onions finely chopped and
A bunch of coriander leaves and stalk finely chopped.

Iron wok on the stove with coconut oil fills the house with an unforgettable aroma.

In they went like small blobs of goodness and out they came golden brown little chuncks of savoury treats.

Yumm with the sweet and spicy date chutney!


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