Subway sandwich, but with what?

Banana flower and taro!

I love banana flower. It has a crunch and a unique texture that lends well itself into a lot of recipes.

The two most famous dishes made with banana flower are paruppu usili and vadai. Yes, I have made these successfully several times. So much so that now it takes me just half the time to prepare the vegetable! ( You have to peel off the petals, collect all the florets and remove the pistils from there before you wash and cut it!)

My son suggested I make cutlets which I had tried last time. It was a success. I thought about using taro instead of potatoes today. Seppankizhangu as we call it, it is one of our tambram delicacies. When cut into small chunks and fried in oil it is utterly delicious!

This is what I did today.


Steamed half a kilo of taro, cooled and peeled

Prepared one banana flower

Finely diced two onions

An inch of ginger and four medium garlic cloves

banana flower preparation

diced banana flower
Powder for dusting, a replacement for bread crumbs and eggyolk:

Dry roasted groundnuts, fried gram, redchillies and garlic with salt.

Powdered in a food processor.


In a wok, pour in some oil (I always use coconut oil, if you think it has an odour that changea the flavour of the dish, organic coconut oil doesn’t!)

Add the diced onions and caramelise.

Add ginger garlic and the diced banana flowers.

Cook till it softens.

Remove and cool.

Add the taro to the banana flower and mash.


Shallow fry with enough oil.

The final dish:

Infact it tasted good even as an hors d’oeuvres



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