Hazel nut butter cream with ridge gourd

One of my random experiments. 5 am in the morning I wake up and have a wave after my yoga!

Crossing all my toes and fingers, with chants on my lips and seeat on my forehead I took out the ridge gourd from the fridge. I knew it was going to be puri for breakfast. I had to make something that would be better than an aloo or bedmi so that my kids wouldnt have a frown while eating thwir first meal of the day! I take it was too personal when that happens and beat myself silly, at the same time I can’t manage to make the same old recipes over and over. It is BORING!!

It turned out more than a success. They went to school with a wide grin on their faces!!

Hazel nut butter cream with ridge gourd


Ridge gourd five small, washed, peeled and diced to quarters

Two small onions diced fine

Two small tomatoes diced fine

One bay leaf

One quarter inch piece of cinnamon stick

One red chilly (you can add more if you like high spice levels)

One tsp of cumin seeds

Four cloves of garlic

7-8 shallots

Handful of coriander leaves diced

A table spoon full of hazelnuts

One table spoon of coconut oil

Half a tsp of turmeric powder



Hazelnut butter cream: In a pan roast these ingredients with a tsp of oil- red chilly, garlic, hazelnuts and shallots. Once it roasts to a nice golden brown, cool it and grind into a nice paste with some oil or water. The consistency should be that of cream cheese. 

Veggies: In a wok, pour in the oil, and add cumin seeds, then batleaf and cinnamon stick. Once it starts to fry, add in diced onions and let them caramelise. When they start to change colour and shine, add the ridge gourd with salt and turmeric powder and let it cook. Half way through the cook add in diced tomatoes.

Add the hazel nut cream to the veggies and switch off. Top it with nicely diced coriander leaves.


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