Vegan= limitation or opportunity?

I turned vegan about three years ago. ‘Vegan’ is a label that people associate me with (along with ‘abnoxiously anti-plastic). 

Well, I turned vegan and saw the be wfits of it almost instantly. So I decided that my family should turn vegan too. As an involved mother, I felt I was commiting a crime if I were knowingly serving my kids something that is acidic and unhealthy.

I saw this more as an oppurtunity than a limitation. I felt that I could get more creative in the kitchen ans understand taste, textures and balance in the food that I was serving. I started experimenting a lot more. More than half the times I was successful, maybe because I was desperate that being vegan shouldn’t be a limiting factor for my children: they should have tasty home cooked meals. They deserved it and they should miss it when they grew up and live all by  themselves, away from home.   😜

So I try to replace the ‘cream and cheese’ factor with dry-fruits  and coconut milk and much to my surprise it works more than 80% of the time!

This one time when I did a culinary course in a school with children, I taught them how to prepare cream with cashews. They refused to believe me when I told them about it; but the fact that the cream was licked clean even before it reached their plates from the blender, had said enough. 

I shall share my experiences here. You can try them too if you like.


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