Restauranty lime and coriander consomme (veg)

My kids are really demanding as far as food is concerned. They crave variety, at the same time need their comfort food regularly too. Paruppu sadam and veekay or dosai and molagai podi or idli chutney has to be on the menu along with one ‘restauranty’ dish every day. I usually dont complain because I love to cook for them, but on the days it gets difficult they don’t get to hear the end of it(!).

I involve them in cooking whenever I can and I love watching Masterchef with them. Inspired, one morning they came into the kitchen and said – “amma, I want to make clear soup”. I was beaming. A sunday afternoon I decided to venture into this adventure. However, on that day a game of cricket beckoned and they conveniently ditched the cooking class. Having decided something backing off is difficult, so I went ahead with the plan.

All clear soup recipes on the internet included cabbage or caulflower or broccoli and it turned out I didn’t have any!  backing out because of a vegetable wasnt an option either!

I opened the fridge, saw my veggie tray and decided to experiment with it. It should work, I thought.


Finely chop them all!

One medium tomato

Handfull of coriander leaves chopped

Lemom one small

Oil and ghee

Salt and pepper


In a wok, pour a spoon full of oil (any oil)

Add in the chopped garlic, green chillies and onions. Once they start to caramlaise add a tablespoon of ghee.

Now throw in the other veggies with a ltr of water and some salt and let it boil for an hour.

Once it boils and smells good around the house, raw grind the tomato and add it along with coriander leaves and lime. Check seasoning and dd pepper. Done!

You can choose to strain and serve or serve it like a clear soup. It will be yummy with vadagam and yummy fresh bread.


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