Travel theplas

All women know what a weekend getaway with short notice entails – left over food check! Dosai maavu back up check! Emergency Veggies and fruits for arriving day check! Dishes in the sink wash check!
Except this time for me it was a shorput size ball of chapati dough left over. 

Making plain chapatis and carrying them with sugar is ghee is not my idea of responsible motherhood. 

I got an idea.

I made a dry spice powder and mixed in more atta and some chickpea flour along with the left over coriander leaves.

Ingredients for dry spice powder

Onion seeds – one tsp, 
Coriander seeds – one tsp
Fennel seeds – one tsp
Carom seeds – one pinch
Red chilly powder – half a tsp
Turmeric powder -half a tsp

I put in all seeds in a morter and pestle and ground them to a fine powder and mixed them with red chilly and urmeric powder.

I added the powder to the old chapati dough along with,
One more cup of atta
One table spoonful chickpea flour
Two table spoonfuls sesame oil (use any organic nut oil)

Coriander leaves
finely chopped 
And salt.

As I rummaged the fridge I also saw an old bottle with the last bit of pickle left in it which the spoon in there found difficult to reach out to! I emptied that into the dough.
I mixed the dough well and added some water when required. I made sure the dough wasnt as soft and hydrated as chapati dough should be. It was more like a puri dough consistency. I then rolled them into small balls and flattened them like we make rotis, only this time, I used oil instead of dry atta for rolling. And then cooked them off on a hot tawa. And I basted them all with ghee to let them remain soft for the next two days for travel.

Yup! We were taking a road trip down south the next day early morning. Back up plan for kids😈😈

A few packets of ketchup and yumm theplas were ready for the backpack along with water and fruits!


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