Chilly chocolate with coffee almond

It is time for the next sweet experiment. This time I decide to go a little bit wild and indulge myself.

Chemistry of chilly and chocolate are unmistakable. And the marriage of chocolate with coffee is eternal. Almonds are my protein base for this season.

As always, with arunachala on my lips and Ramana in my mind I stepped into this experiment.


Five cloves

Five cardamoms

Two small redchillies

10 black peppercorns

Half a cup of chocolate powder

Quarter cup of instant coffee powder

Grind the above into a fine powder.

Four cups of almonds soaked and peeled

Add this to the powder and grind into a fine paste preferably with no additional water.


Three cups of refined white sugar ( if you have a very sweet tooth you could do four cups😜)

Bring together:

Mix this with two table spoons of water in a wok and bring to heat. Once it comes to a stringy consistancy, add the almond mix and stir till fat leaves the sides and it comes together like a thick dough.

Biscuit powder:

This is optional, but it does add to the texture. Beat a pack of bisuits (any kind).

Keep a plate ready with ghee smeared and spread some of the biscuit powder on it.

Then pour in the almond cake and spread the rest of the powder on top.

Leave to cool in the fridge for an hour and cut it into shapes or make small balls and pop them in your mouth!



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