Organic corn can be a bit of a challenge!

My kids love soups. Sweet corn and mushroom soups are their favourite.

However, I dont like to buy frozen corn packets or processed cornflour. 

This time in OFM I found fresh corn cobs with golden orange corn inside! I grabbed it and dreamed of corn soup.

I dont know why but organic corn cobs are always tough to work with. Kernals are always hard, no matter how much we cook it, it never turns soft.

This time I decided to work it no matter what. 


Two carrots

Ten bush beans

One onion

One medium potato

Four cloves of garlic

All these diced fine.

Olive oil to glaze the wok

One bayleaf

Three small corn cobs

Salt, pepper powder

One tsp oregano flakes

Handful of coriander stalk and leaves.

Half a lemon juice


Glaze hot wok with oil and add the diced veggies and the bayleaf. Throw in some salt and water and let the veggies cook in boiling water.  

Steam the corn on cob and remove kernals. Beat them in a food processor with some water. Strain it and add the corn milk to the soup.

Grind coriander leaves and strain the juice into the soup. Once it comes to a boil, switch it off and add the oregano leaves, lemon juice and pepper powder and adjust the salt.

Lovely sweet corn soup is ready!

But what happens to this now?

Dont discard it just yet. Wait till the next post!


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