The motherhood paradox in mammels

Dastkar. Kalakshetra. Middle of september in Chennai. Sunday evening. An artsy, peaceful, colourful, soulful experience. 

We walk back to the car park and there we see him. The size of my palm. Pale. Petrified. Shivering. His heart racing. Uncertainly hovering around the security gaurd. Powdered marie biscuit lay next to the chair of the two big burly men in blue uniforms. Sarang has a natural way of attracting animal attention. He comforted him almost instantly. Kedar followed suit. 

“Please take it ma! It has come last night and it is refusing to eat the biscuit. I dont know what to do with it…” blurted the gaurd, helpless.

I look outside the gate. The clouds seem to suddenly descend and the pleasant evening turned to a scary dark. Vehicles seem to scream throwing their mighty headlights at each other as if they were in a war zone. The transition between daylight to dark seemed to have happened in a flash. 

The big decision weighed on me as I stared at my kids’ loving eyes and pleading voices, leaving me with no choice but to bring this little fellow back home. He was already clinging on to sarang for dear life. It was kids’ happiness and the kittens safety vs my inexperience and hectic schedule- the former won the battle!

I have never had a pet at home before. I told myself it is a matter of a day or two until we give him away. He clung on to sarang through out the drive back home. 

I had my first sleepless night with a child in my arms after almost 7 years! He woke me up every couple of hours for a feed. He isn’t well as he is passing blood everytime he eats. Fingers crossed am taking him to the doctor, after promising my son that he would be there when he returned home from school. 

It is strange how ‘mothers’ among other mammals are protective alright, but only for her healthy kids – those that can survive. Others are left out of the pack! She lets her kids learn the hard way at the same time is a rock to them!

Food for thought! 

Paradox is here- we humans claim we are evolved mammals. We pay too much attention to our children and protect them too much. When we raise animals too, am afraid, we spoil them just as much! If we let our children fight it out like the other mammal mothers do, they should theoretically be much better fighters right?

I might say all this but I am spoiling my kitten silly alright!! Wink wink..


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