Cooking with one pot, one vessel and one ladle.

I am experiencing life in a studio apartment. Limited means. Microwave. Gas stove.

I have been going berserk with just these – lemon, ginger, garlic and chilli.

I have some veggies at my disposal – mushrooms, carrots, beans, tomatoes, small onions, potatoes, brinjal, sprouts… yup.. I am excited to say that can do it!

Salads have been a daily routine. Dals are easy to make. 

I tried something weird today though!

Brinjal-mushroom-coconut broth!!

I stir fried a tomato and a box of mushrooms with salt and turmeric powder. 

I slices some small onions, an inch of ginger and two fat garlic cloves. Sauteed them in oil after splattering some cumin, threw in a couple of green chillies. Once it caramelised, I added half a kilo of diced blue brinjals into it, poured some water and cooked in in some salt and turmeric. 

In the end, I put them both together, topped the wok with about 50 ml of coconut cream and flavoured it with the karuveppilai podi that my mother-in-law made for me!

Once it cooled a bit I squeezed half a lime into it. 

Creamy coconut broth with eggplant and mushrooms were ready! All I needed was a loaf of bread. Dinner done!

I then closed my eyes and counted the number of items back at home that I havent used here- pressure cooker, electric cooker, blender, electric stove, grinder, morter and pestle. Consumerism is overwhelming!


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