‘Limited kitchen’ recipes

I am jusy going to list out the stuff that I made using just the gas stove ans microwave. No pressure cooker or rice cooker or blender or mixie..

Kootu with various veggies – 

Soak paruppu in hot water and close for half an hour. Cook veg in salt and turmeric water. Splatter mustard and cumin in oil switch off and add chopped chillies. Mix all three together and throw in grated coconut generously. A dash of lime would be great. And ofcourse coriander and curry leaves.

Masala sabji for rotis

Cook veggies in salt and turmeric water. Saute onion, ginger garlic chillies and tomatoes. Mix together and season with cumin. Throw in some corianger leaves. Dash of lime would be fantastic.

Coconut milk curry

Same as above. Add. Coconut cream/milk right in the end.


Can do tuvar or moong. For sabut moong soak in hot water previous night.

Bring the dal to boil with lots of water, salt and turmeric and close. Check if well cooked.

Saute onion garlic ginger and tomatoes. Season with cumin and add half a lime juice. Garnish with coriander or mint.


Either sprout beans of diff kinds or buy sprouts. 

Carrots cucumbers small onions tomatoes – raw

Potatoes beans cauliflower broccoli – steamed

Lemon, sesame oil, salt, cumin powder , garlic chopped…, chilly if you like.. or pepper powder.

Coriander leaves, mint leaves or parsley!

Any one of two ingredients in each of the above will make a good salad!


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