Do you like chilly chocolate?

Yesss! I do! And I tried baking a Chilly Chocolate Cake, ofcourse it was eggless, but this time it was even butterless!

Cake mix

Wheat flour – 2cups

Plain flour – 1 cup

Sugar – 2 cups

Cocopowder – 2 tablespoons

Instant Coffee powder – 2 teaspoons

Cinnamon powder- 1 heaped teaspoon 

Vinegar – 1 tablespoon

Vanilla essence – 2 teaspoons

Yogurt + milk whipped ( as much as is required for coming to folding consistency, I used around 2 cups of it)

Coarse ground red chillies 3 (Kashmiri chillies/badege chillies)

For anglaise:

Sugar 2 tablespoons 

Vinegar 3 teaspoons

Red chillies 2 (coarse ground)

Mix all the cake ingredients. The consistency is what I always watch out for, am not to rigid on quantities. After a good mix ( I always mix by hand) the batter should drop into folds. Am sure there are you tube videos to demonstrate this.

Line the tray with oil, pour in the mix and bake in preheated oven for about 30 minutes.

Anglaise is something I tried for the first time, this is because I don’t like frosting. I try to use as less animal products as possible. 

Heat half a cup of water, drop in all the three ingredients- sugar, vinegar and chilly powder. Let it come to a boil. Wait till it slightly thickens and switch off.

Once the cake is done, just pour this on top of the cake and let it rest!

Mine turned out yumm! It bursts with various flavours each time you take a bite and you really can’t have enough of it!


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