Cute company in my kitchen

Am in Mumbai chillin’ in my friends place while all our kids have gotten together to have an activity filled summer vacation.

Kids came back from the park and brought back Malai having fresh tender coconut water.

Today’s dinner is vegan pasta with herbs from the terrace garden – basil, mint and coriander.

Kavya, my bestie around the kitchen, opened her eyes and mouth wide when I said, lets do some kitchen experiments with the Malai.

She quickly set up the chopping board and started to chop the coconuts into small bits.

We then added some chocolate powder and cinnamon powder in the blender, added the tender coconut pieces in it along with some water and blended it into a smooth paste. Then we added some jaggery to it and gave it one last whip.

Then she patiently poured the mixture into small shot glasses and put them inthe  freezer to set! Our yummy cinnamon flavoured chocolate coconut pudding was ready!