Dates mysore pak with palm sugar

This was a confluence of a few things. I stumbled across a pal payasam made of dates and sugar instead of fully with sugar. It was yumm..

A close friend of mine also told me that Terra, an organic outlet in chennai, sells mysore pak made of figs and pistas and stuff.

I put both these instances together and decided to embark on my little journey of adventure.

From the kaju kalti I learnt that palm sugar caramalising is different from caramelising refined sugar.

This is what I did:

3 cups of besan

200 gms of butter

100 gms of dates deseeded

Four cups of palm sugar


Melt butter in a hot wok, drop in the besan and fry till the kitchen is filled with the aroma of fresh besan!

In another wok add half a glass of water and palmsugar. Mix and bring it to boil. In the mean time grind dated preferably without water and add to the caramelising sugar.

Once it reaches a stringy consistancy add in the fried besan to it and mix until the fat leaves its sides.

I took it off heat a little early and so it looks more like halwa. Next time i shall correct that issue😬

I then left the plate in the fridge and tried cutting it the next morning.

Whatever was sticky i rolled it into balls😇


Kaju katli with palm sugar.. well mostly😬

One other crazy chemistry to my list of whacko recipes😂For this Diwali I was determined to make organic palm sugar based recipes.

Kaju katli and mysore pak were on high priority.

Kaju katli with palm jaggery:

I was expecting to make it with palm sugar which is panam kalkandu. I bought some packets of cashew and sugar. Only after I started on caramelising the sugar did I notice that it was jaggery and not palm sugar. I had already started it so there wasnt any looking back. Made some alterations and finished the sweet. This is what I finally did: 


Cashews 4 cups

Hazel nuts 2 cups

Palm jaggery powder 4 cups

10 cardamom seeds – their insides scraped out

Half tsp of salt (optional)

Refined white sugar 1 cup (out of compulsion)

And lots of bravery🙈


With shiva’s chant on my lips I poured the cashews and hazelnuts into a hot wok and dry roasted them.

In a blender I added the nuts and cardamom scrapings. Blended into a smooth powder.

I heated the wok. And poured a cup of water. To this I added all the palm jaggery powder. The water turned dark and started to bubble. I waited for a stringy caramel consistency and added the nut powder to this along with half a spoon of salt.

I mixed them all up removing lumps with a spatula until it reached a thick consistency. 

Here is where I got doubtful. I did try to pour out a teaspoon on a plate to let it cook and check if it sets. I felt it wasnt setting well and wasnt sweet enough. This second guessing made me add a cup of refined sugar and mix it up.

Then when it thickened well, I poured it into a plate smeared with ghee.