Mexicano it is!

Dubai Silicon Oasis happend to be quite a hub for food lovers all over the world. My husband treated me to some lip-smacking italian food, humble syrian delights and delicious lebanese bites. My Taco experience was one of the most interesting experiences of them all.
Mexican food reminds me of the glory of chillies combined with melted salty cheese with the freshness of crunchy fresh veggies and herbs.. err.. yes I am a vegetarian. In this case – sadly so! My mexicano story was a bit different.. good different!

Kitchen sat in the center with a few happy men and women walking around simple tables that resemble logs, giving the place a rustic feeling. I picked up the menu card and a man walked up to me explaining my limited vegetarian options. After ordering for the vegetariano tacos I sat back to relax and there it was! He slipped a big bowl of fresh nachos with a red and green sauce with it. My kids shamelessly dived into it before the bowls bottom hit the table and baaaaam! The hit of chilli in the sauces sent my sons’ eye balls rolling; their heads shaking it off from left to right vigourously! Jon, the chef, apologetically shouted out to me warning me about the spice level seconds after he realised my kids’ doing. I laughed at my kids – am sure he thought I was a crazy, barbaric mother!

One sip of water and my kids were back in business. The bowl was wiped clean in exactly two-and-a-half minutes!! This time I joined in shamelessly smacking my lips, my taste buds were happy to enjoy the treat!

The Nachos were crispy thin and super fresh! The red sauce was smoky spice with a hint of sweet made of habanero and the green one was tangy spicy salsa verde. I added salt to both to suit my pallette. 

Tacos were made with corn tortillas -super soft and fresh. But there wasnt as much vegetables as I would have liked. We had very tasty guacamole. I was glad mine tasted very close to thwir version.

The fun part was the desert and drinks.

Flan cake – 

it was so far, the best caramel cake I have had in my life. Sad that I had to part with most of it because my kids gulped it down after the spicy nachos. 

Drinks on the menu were brilliant! 

Horchata is a drink made of rice and cinnamon. Rice is very smooth, not so grainy with a very subtle undertone of sweet cinnamon but not overpowered by sugar. 

Jamaica – 

This is a herbal drink made of hibiscus flowers. Warm and slightly strong, this was a very intense tea-like taste. Very good for health aparently!

The last one – tamarindo

A well diluted version of sweet and sour tamarind extract freshly extracted from the fruit. 

All three were astonishingly fresh and nove flavours for me.

Taste it to know it!