Cooking Chetan Bhagat style

… when south married north….

As always, this was yet another accidental success story.

I had organic chapati dough, a mix of wheat and jowar this time. I didn’t want to go over board with tubers as I had already made red-beet pulao. Aloo parathas would make it very fartsy-fartsy for all of us! (Yes, aparently all tubers, except carrot ginger and garlic are gassy! – or vayu veggies as we call them). 

The quintessential summer component of my kitchen – the cucumber salad has to be part of the day’s menu too. So what do I fit in this roti- was a question that bothered me more than usual this morning. It is weekend, stock of veggies running super low!

Eyeing me with a devilish smile sat this, the story of this is quite amusing!

Yes these are dry coconut shavings. My dad has a way of shaving them paper thin- don’t know if I will ever be able to stand close! He sent this to me – white. I sundried it outside in my yard. And this is how it turned out. Beautifully crisp and golden!

I gravitated towards this with my small blender, grabbed a handful, threw in a dry red chilly and some salt and whipped it to a fine powder.

The. I just stuffed the powder into the rotis and rolled them out into parathas!


It tastes really swell and goes very well with a lemony crunchy fresh salad. Try it!


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